Smartphone Huawei Mate X2

Smartphone Huawei Mate X2: Hello, Guys Welcome to My Website. Today I tell You About A new Mobile Phone. we have the Huawei mate x2 brand new just got announced and I’ve got my hands on it as you can see they’ve done the thing they’ve gone from an outside fold to an inside folding display so now it’s doing a lot of things really similarly to Samsung’s z-fold 2 which I reviewed and really liked but there are actually a couple of things.

Higher quality than Samsung’s to the point where it actually feels like a full-fledged smartphone and I know we were just saying that about the z-fold 2 because it was so much better than the first fold and that’s a poor excuse for a front screen but the mate x2 clearly beats out the fold too and it’s no contest it’s a full 6. 45-inch diagonal so it’s actually pretty huge and it’s wider so it’s much closer to a normal aspect ratio it’s 2700 by 1600 OLED with thin bezels and a 90-hertz refresh rate plus.

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They’ve given it a 240hz touch sample rate this looks like a normal smartphone when I’m holding it it doesn’t quite feel like one still because of course it’s still twice as thick and the fingerprint reader is on the bottom half as the power button and obviously, it’s not quite just like a normal phone but the goal is to remove as many trade-offs as possible and that’s what they’re all trying to do here but yeah look at that just looks just like a normal smartphone.

Smartphone Huawei Mate X2

Smartphone Huawei Mate X2
Smartphone Huawei Mate X2


  • ModelHuawei Mate X2
  • Released February 2021
  • StatusAvailable


  • Type: Bar
  • Dimensions: Unfolded: 161.8 x 145.8 x 8.2 mm / Folded: 161.8 x 74.6 x 14.7 mm
  • Weight: 295 Grams
  • waterproof: No

Smartphone Huawei Mate X2 Especially with that aspect ratio close to it anyway, a quick word on that selfie camera though so you can see it’s a double wide pill-shaped cut out there so you have the selfie camera itself and then i believe a time of flight sensor next to it which I bet they thought a lot about on a phone like this because that time of flight sensor is good for giving you a little bit of better depth information and potentially better focus now if I just want to hop on a random video call or just take a quick selfie i just use the regular camera.

I don’t need that it is cool to have autofocus in a selfie camera don’t get me wrong the time of flight sensor helps with that but i feel like if i actually care about an accurate portrait mode and the depth information i’m doing more than just a regular selfie well then on a phone like this i can open up the phone and use the incredibly high-quality cameras on the back and take a way better selfie photo portrait mode videos.

All that stuff will be great so I was just thinking when I saw this they probably could have left it out and just done a regular small cut-out for the selfie camera but obviously having faster autofocus for a camera like this like they did in the p40 pro plus is a nice bonus so not a huge deal cool to have the point is this outside screen being a way closer to traditional 15 by 9 aspect ratio makes it way more useful than any other outside screen on a foldable phone it’s the major strength of this mate x2.

Now when you go on the inside that’s where you get your uninterrupted 8-inch display uninterrupted because there’s no selfie camera cut out at all and it’s really nice it’s also 90 hertz which is pretty good it’s an 8 to 7. 1 aspect ratio so nearly square and there’s hardly any crease at all I am very very impressed by how well this display and hinge combine to minimize the look and feel of any crease down the middle now it’s definitely still there it’s not totally.

You can see it at the most extreme viewing angles but it’s actually much better than Samsung’s fold and this hinge really nicely firmly pops the phone open to flat this is a good one that is a good hinge right there it’s good hinge shout out to the hinge engineers the engineers of course also when it’s closed it actually uh it’s closer to flat and flush with the back of the phone so it doesn’t really protrude as much.

if you note in the z-fold two it kind of protrudes out the side a little bit and when you’re holding it you feel like you’re holding more of that hinge so it is impressive that they also managed to squeeze it further into the phone body itself feels less obtrusive that way but then there is one especially wild thing about this phone and you might have noticed it by now in the footage.

The left 4. 4 millimeters all the way to the thickest heaviest part on the right-hand side and that is of course intentional Huawei’s got their reasoning for it which is it feels better in the hand so hear me out or hear them out and argue that with phones like the z-fold because the center of gravity is further from your hand when you hold it that little bit of wobble feels extra heavy like there’s a lot of weight really far from your hand.

That’s what makes the phone feels heavy so by putting more of the weight closer to your hand the center of gravity is now closer to where it would be in a normal phone and the thinner lighter bit the outside feels lighter and i buy that i really do i feel like this phone feels less heavy it is still overall a pretty heavy phone but you can tell it feels different in the hand when it’s open. Smartphone Huawei Mate X2

I think that feels better than the z-fold too it’s nice now when it is closed it’s got this slanted midline that’s kind of funny but that’s totally fine it still goes pretty much flush and protects the inside screen and really the only possible downsides of this particular shape is it rocks a lot on a table thanks to the big camera bump but you know it’s just annoying it’s not a deal breaker a lot of phones rock but also the total combined battery size is 4 500 milliamp hours which is a little bit small for something.

Screen it is funny though it is it’s very tempting to just give this phone the foldable phone hardware crown like straight away just because even more so than samsung they are using very close to their flagship bits and specs inside this phone it’s already the 90 hertz much bigger better display on the outside it’s already a better like hinge design but also this mate x2 actually has just about the same camera system as their.

top end p40 pro plus or mate 40 pro plus are really good cameras that’s a 50-megapixel gigantic one over 1. 28-inch primary camera you’ve got a 3x telephoto and a 10x periscope zoom lens and a slightly downgraded ultrawide but then it’s still got a fairly advanced speaker system that pairs a driver at the top with one at the bottom for a pretty wide stereo sound as a bonus and yes they’ve put some pretty beefy specs inside too so Kieran 9000 chip eight gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage.

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It’s 5g capable it’s got wi-fi six it’s just overall a very high-end piece of hardware in a lot of ways it does 55-watt fast charging with the charger that comes in the box which is pretty nice it could potentially i mean i haven’t used this phone long enough to review battery life but it could potentially offset the concerningly small 4 500 milliamp-hour battery because it’s a 8 inch 90-hertz display.

Overall i am very impressed with this phone as a piece of hardware i gotta say now the software situation is the same as the first mate x which means no google app support and this one it’s not coming to the us or anything i just wanted to get my hands on it to test it but i just i appreciate it for how impressive and cutting edge this piece of hardware is to me though i’m keeping this in the back of my head every time i see.

Which is the end game for folding phones is you want to get it as close to just another feature as possible they want to remove as many caveats of having a folding phone as they possibly can a lot of the first gen ones it was really cool that they folded in half but they weren’t really a great idea in a lot of other ways but eventually if they can get it to be just as usable without folding and just as good of battery life and just as good specs and cameras.

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