The MacBook Air was one of the very first products to be powered by Apple’s own laptop CPUs when it was revealed in 2020 with the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini.

It utilizes the very first M1 chip, which has retained a significant amount of its power through the years. The vast majority of what was written in our 4.5-star assessment of the product is still accurate in the year 2022.

Since then, Apple has introduced a new model of the MacBook Air known as the M2, but for many people, the increased cost is not justified by the improvements. Because Apple continues to offer both models, there are also significant price reductions on the older model brought about by the introduction of the new model. Everything that you need to know is included here.

The best deals on the MacBook Air M1 in the US

Apple showed off the M1 MacBook Air almost two years ago, but it’s still a good device that will serve you well for many years. There are still a lot of stores that sell laptops, and some of them offer good deals. Here’s where in the US you can buy one:

  • Apple only has the 256GB model and won’t give any discounts
  • Amazon: Save $100 on 256GB and $50 on 512GB
  • Best Buy is giving $100 off 256GB, but not 512GB. B&H Photo Video is giving $50 off 256GB, but 512GB is sold out.
  • Walmart only sells “open box,” refurbished, and broken models.

The best deals on the MacBook Air M1 in the UK

If you live in the United Kingdom, you have even more options:

  • Apple – just the 256GB model is available, and there are no discounts.
  • Amazon is offering a £100 discount on the 256GB model, with the 512GB variant only available secondhand.
  • 256GB for £80 off, 512GB not available
  • £78 off 256GB, £18 off 512GB Box
  • Scan – £70 off 256GB, no 512GB available
  • KRCS – £49.95 off 256GB, £109.95 off 512GB (formerly displayed as £59.95 off)
  • AO – £80 off 256GB, no 512GB available
  • Argos – just the 256GB model is available, and there are no savings.
  • Currys – £50 off 256GB, 512GB unavailable.
  • £80 off 256GB at John Lewis; 512GB is not available.

Best deals on 13in M1 MacBook Air

This page is updated on a regular basis to provide the most recent information; nevertheless, prices often change. Examine the comparison tool that may be found below for the most recent information available. Be warned, however, that the costs that are shown below are typically for the model that is considered to be entry-level:

The launch price of 13in the M1 MacBook Air?

The price of the new MacBook Air has not changed from the price of the previous Intel model in spite of the switch to the M1 processor. At launch, the following recommended retail prices (RRPs) are applicable to the two available basic configurations:

  • Priced at £999/$999/AU$1,499, the 256GB SSD-equipped MacBook Pro M1 has an 8-core CPU and an 8-core GPU.
  • Apple’s MacBook Pro M1 with an 8-core CPU, an 8-core GPU, and a 512GB solid-state drive costs £1,249, $1,249, or AU$1,849.

Should I purchase reconditioned?

If you purchase a reconditioned model of the M1 MacBook Air, you will have the sole opportunity to get further price cuts. It’s possible that some people may interpret this as another term for “second-hand,” but the fact is that many of these gadgets have seen very little actual usage.

It is important to keep in mind that even if a product seems and functions exactly the same as new, shops are required to label it as “refurbished” if it has been used for demonstration reasons or if it has been returned as an undesired gift. It is true that there are instances in which a flaw has been rectified; thus, it is important to examine the description of any gadget that you are thinking about purchasing.

If you are searching for a refurbished MacBook Air, there are two primary locations that you should check out. The first is the Apple Refurbished Store, which sells products that have been expertly reconditioned to meet Apple’s high standards. On the other hand, MusicMagpie and Hoxton Macs are both excellent choices and often provide a wider selection for customers to choose from.

What makes the MacBook Air’s M1 processor so exciting?

The M1 was Apple’s first chipset that it created and built specifically for its Mac lineup, and it was a significant step forward for the company. That’s when Apple started moving away from Intel-powered Macs, which was a move that made sense given how well the firm has done with developing the A-series chipsets for its iPhones and iPads. Apple began the shift away from Intel-powered Macs in 2010.

The M1’s most notable feature is the significant increase in performance it offers in comparison to the Intel CPUs that were previously used by Apple in its MacBooks. When it comes to the MacBook Air, the business claims a 3.5x boost in the CPU sector and a 5x leap in the GPU department, two amazing advances given the very tiny year-on-year advancements that are on offer from Intel chipsets.

In addition, the SoC has a specialized Neural Engine, which brings a tremendous increase of 15 times to the performance of machine learning operations such as automated picture enhancement or face recognition.

Because of the 5nm technology, the chipset is highly energy efficient. Depending on what you’re doing with your MacBook Air, you may get anywhere from 15 to 18 hours of battery life out of it. This is despite the significant performance improvements. Due to the fact that it operates at a much lower temperature, Apple might remove the cooling fan from the MacBook Air, resulting in a completely quiet computer.

Check out our guide to the M2 MacBook Air if you’re looking for something with a little bit more processing power. There are discounts available on the most recent 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, which you may find interesting as well.

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